From:     DAN
Subject:     Desire
Date:     January 1, 2009 2:11:05 PM EST
To:     KAI


“Almonds” is an idea that i’d like to expand on. let me know if you think there’s a connection to the church of kai. don’t pass this around, it’s not for public release just yet.

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and here’s the tortured tale of my current project

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Regarding Desire, a slew of ideas have been queuing up for attention, some ambitious and outright bizarre. I’ve got loads of questions to ask you, here’s the short list. we can go through all this on the phone, but for now just let the gears spin.

Where does the shit go?

What’s the menu like? What’s your standard shopping list on Desire? I am still vegetarian, tho I don’t care whether are. How will that work for sharing food?

I am getting pretty good at sprouting, but in it’s current incarnation it’s sort of fresh water intensive, though i’ve adapted it to camping – see “Almonds”.

Is carrying fresh water an issue? Do you have a distiller?

Do you fish along the way?

How much storage space will be available for production gear?How are the cargo areas set up, are they all accessible out of the weather from within the cabin?

What is the availability of AC power? How much extra is available daily for charging of batts, running laptop and cameras etc.

What’s sort of connection to the world is available with your radio rig? Do you have a gateway worked out to the web? I don’t care so much about email, but being able to update a website might be handy.

In earlier conversations, you mentioned studding the ship with fixed cameras. What locations get you excited? Power and signal are considerations. Either they have to have cables to them, or they operate on batts and removable media which would have to be individually serviced.

Assuming scuba gear, is there anyway to rig a platform so that a camera operator could shoot underwater while underway?

What’s the trip about? Of course just getting out there sounds amazing. Here are some of the themes that occur to me, perhaps obvious or naive. Please comment critique.

1) just get out there, what the fuck!

2) connecting with the ocean, with the great big living breathing mother earth.

3) traveling and exploring sustainably. taking responsibility for our puny human lives while minimizing impact on the mothership. exemplars of pragmatic utopia. an equation of resources vs realization.

4) science – meteorology, oceanography, biology…

5) art – two white dudes on Desire (kinky)

other issues…

I am up for cruising around the HI islands or jaunting all the way to Fiji (and beyond). Of course, these are radically different trips as far as preparation, provisions and plan. obviously, the starter plan would be to get her up to snuff, sail her a bit and see how we mesh as crew, etc. likely interesting stuff would come up as far as objective(s) from which an auspicious trip would flow. i imagine we might start out as documenting a trip, tho it might eventually shift into traveling to document.

how do I get back? do i ever come back?

what skills would be handy for me to show up with? survival, sailing, electronics, radio, scuba

are there any funding or unique connection opportunities if our documentation takes a specific emphasis?

jobs out there for me, opportunities for earning income

how many condoms should we bring?

anyway, if you have any thoughts, fire away. otherwise I’ll call you in the next week or so.



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