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In the summer of 2009, 2 artists sail the 8 seas of the Hawaiian Islands aboard Desire. On Desire follows their discussions and discoveries about global health and explores the idea of sailboats as placeholders for planets. We’re makin’ a movie over here!

Hawaii Ð der hšchste Berg der Erde Hawaii - highest mountain onHawaiian Islands visualization by Thorsten Andresen. Nils Sparwasser,  Stephan Reiniger, and Robert Meisner. Source data provided by German Remote Sensing Data Center (DLR),  National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC); University of Maryland – Global Land Cover Facility (GLCF); United States Geological Survey (USGS). Thanks to the scientists and the organizations for permission to use this spectacular image.
(c) 2002 Kai Schwarz

Move a tiny island and call it a boat. Wrap a world with water and call it an island. Sprout a colossal starship from rock and sunshine and call it Earth.

Boat as island, island as planet, planet as boat.

Kai Schwarz is a sailor, architect and artist. In 2003 he sailed solo from San Diego, California to Hilo, Hawaii – a journey of 29.5 days aboard his boat, Desire. Kai’s eclectic achevements range from designing Starbuck coffee shops to developing growable space vehicles. From April – June of 2009 Kai sailed from San Diego to Tahiti with Hans and Erika Deduytsche. Their voyage can be followed here…

Dan Kelly is an artist, bon vivant and filmmaker. In 2007, Dan solo camped for 5 days on Lake Michigan’s North Manitou Island and shot ‘Some Almonds Are Harder to Skin that Others’, a poetic manifesto for nature worshipping tricksters. Dan has watercolored his way around India, developed software for kids and made a slew of brilliant short films you’ve never heard of. His semi hilarious film blog at Trickster Pictures chronicles his process.

Friends since the early 80s, Kai and Dan team up this summer for a Desire’s eye view of the Hawaiian Islands and by extension, the entire planet. With a reverence for nature and the misfits’ intense curiosity, they scry the blue spaceship.

Is ‘Big World Small Footprint’ just a way to meet women? Stay tuned.

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