Dan’s plan

April 1st, count down. I am green to go, but it’s all visualization and hutzpah presently. I’ve got to sell a good deal of gear to enable this, so on my ride back from Michigan last night I made some decisions. I am going to liquidate my current production kit and reconfigure to something more mobile. To be announced. In the meantime, I’ve got to get about 28k of gear up on craigslist (including my car) and sublet my apartment for May and June.  Tho the Desire probably will wrap at the end of May, I’ve got to have time to find a ride back to the mainland and then shlep back to Michigan to recover cats.

I’ve got three kits I want to assemble for the trip. There’s limited space on Desire, so the kits have to be tight.

1) scuba diving / free diving
2) camping /treking
3) documentation / production

I’ve split these into separate posts to make the process of cataloging and comments easier.

I’ll post separately about training. As a matter of fact, I’ve got to go for a run before my coop shift at 6:00pm. Maybe I’ll go jump on that now.

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