Documentation / production

I am thinking that my current set-up isn’t really appropriate for the Desire Project. I’ve got an HVX-200 but maybe something smaller would be preferable, perhaps two smaller cameras rather than medium one. I’m thinking a Canon Vixia Hf11 – HD and solid state recording for $900. The underwater housing for this camera is also more affordable at $1200. It would be nice to have a higher quality HD camera on board but maybe renting better gear for special events makes sense. I’m more likely to drag out a camera and always have it on the ready if it’s manageable. Also two means that there’s a back-up.

to do

Vixia shoot and edit test at BH (bring my own lap top and memory card)
configure and budget dream kit
reviews on underwater housing
sell everything in current kit
Gitzo carbon fiber tripod (small) with modifications
Tenba case and dry bags
Macbook Pro 15″ (sell 17)
extra batts
solar charger (for field trips)
hard drive archive w/battery support

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