scuba diving / free diving

I am NAUI Openwater 1 certified, but it’s been awhile. I grabbed my books to refresh.

As you know, I love water. It’s likely we’ll be interfacing with Cetaceans. I see bliss and insight in our future, in and out of the ocean.

I’ve got a regulator, tank, harness (non BC), weights, mask, flippers and snorkel. Regulator needs a tune up and tank is probably due for hydrostat. I also have a full wet suit (warm water) that’s getting a little rough but could serve. To lighten my load between MI and HI I’d leave my tank and weights behind and buy upon arrival. I am also intrigued by my friend Jason’s recent tales of free diving and his special custom italian wetsuit that keeps him toasty in ice water. Probably overkill in HI but I do like to be warm. I’d really like go farther with my free diving on Desire, especially if I’ve got an underwater camera rig.

to do
refresh NAUI
tune regulator (in MI)
research new wet suit

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