Kai’s Babalu chronicles, April 2

Aboard ‘Babalu’, Shelter Island Boat Yard, San Diego, CA

I touch down at Lindberg Field in San Diego having made a clean exit from Seattle. Erica and Hans ans Deduytsche had left Seattle a month ago. In the past several weeks I managed to sell ‘Torea’, my Ranger 26 sailing mistress in Seattle, my camper van, pack up my stuff at Jay’s and quit the ‘Aleutia’ project (the money was drying up and they were still a ways from the sea trials).

Hans, Erica and I work on getting the final stuff done on ‘Babalu’ for departure. Everything turns out more complicated than it should be, as it often does with boats. What was supposed to be a week turns into four weeks as we do everything from provisioning to fine tuning the sails and electrics.

Babalu Engine Oil Sample for testing
Babalu Engine Oil Sample for testing

Then the kicker, we have to replace ‘Babalu’s engine and sail drive.

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