Kai’s Babalu chronicles, April 22

Earth-day and B-day.

Still on the hard in San Diego. I had hoped to be several hundred miles out to sea on this day but instead we are waiting for the new engine, having torn out the old one yesterday.

I link up with Roli at the San Diego Yacht club and later  he and Kathy invite us all over for dinner at their place on Point Loma. I had met Roli and Kathy several years on my voyage down the coast in ‘Desire’. We crossed paths in Northern California as they were trying to get their new 38 foot catermeran home to San Diego from Durbin South Africa. See my ‘Voyage II’ logs for the geography and circumstances of that journery, or read it for yourself on their web site at: www.geocities.com/katitude99

Needless to say we became great friends then, were able to stay in touch and (unbenonced to me at this time) Roli shows up again in my narative months from now when I am in Hawaii.

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