Vision version 0.1

For the last week, I’ve been fighting a rather nasty flu with an expired bottle of Ayurvedic immune booster. Rumors of a deadly Mexican flu outbreak in nearby Queens means I might not make it through the night. So this all feels a bit remote to me.

We can live in balance with Earth. A few know how. Other folks are trying to figure it out. Lots of folks have no idea and a few could care less, so long as they got their loot and goodies.

Some say there are just to many people on earth so our only hope is if they hurry up and die. Hurray for plague, natural disasters, war. if you really loved the earth, you’d kill yourself. But cool people should breed…

I like hawaii – I’ll tell my heiau story. how I stumbled on a living earth faith and had my consciousness raised.

power of the place

cetaceans – communing (another story)

visualization practice – creation

kai and dan

boat as spaceship, boat as ecosystem and energy cycle, island as planet

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