Dan’s to do (historic)

Priority 1 Hawaii and Desire

How to get there? shooters, craigslist, all sailing crew sites, container shipping, cruise ship jobs
hobo train Michigan to Cali
Find a boat (or balloon) from Cali to Hawaii

To refer to myself as a filmmaker, I’ve got to have one film released. That film is Almonds!

To faciliate connections in Hawaii, I’ve got to refresh my own web presence, specifically Trickster Pictures and Artist house. I’ve got to clarify myself, Dan ghee.

blog launch holyboners.com

  1. story of almonds and terrorist training films
  2. DOG trailer update

blog launch onDesire.com

  1. addresses
  2. chapters
  3. getting ready to go (public to do)


  1. hide or fix bad links
  2. dance.artisthouse.com
  3. edit.artisthouse.com


  1. almonds complete rotoscope and festivals

Priority 2

letter to anastasia
unerase internal memory
take care of laurence

Priority 3

whois information
international name server and provider


all domain names renewed

blog launch DOG

  1. picon change √
  2. what about mistakes I have made? public? yes √
  3. text standard size √
  4. url for mistakes I have made √
    • movieboners
    • holyboners – the Making of the Daughter of God √
  5. almondsmovie url √
  6. categories √
  7. latest news √
  8. story of almonds and terrorist training films
  9. DOG trailer update

blog launch Desire

  1. addresses
  2. chapters
  3. picon change √
  4. all the email addresses √
  5. url for Desire √
    • sailingdesire
    • onDesire yes
    • aboutdesire yes
    • withdesire yes
    • ourDesire no
    • earthdesire yes
    • thedesire no

what about artisthouse.com – hide?

  1. tricksterpictures
    • refresh! bigger, better! √
    • link to almondsmovie.com √
    • link to holyboners.com √
    • link to ondesire.com √

order from still grinning for food cache √
autopay for keyspan energy gas  √
What about that pesky trademark? √

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