Vision version 0.11

I see the Desire project as a pragmatic application of the ideas that are presented in Bleep and Secret. It’s one thing to gas on about the creative power of the universe while making with the trippy graphics, but what about a workshop? What about a real world demonstration? That’s what Terrorist Training Films are all about (see ‘Almonds’, the precursor to Desire). It’s what happens on North Manitou Island.

Hawaii is another highly friendly environment for creation, for sure. What with the big blue waters, Mama Pele, dolphins and a robust native culture. What with two mad men on a mad max sailboat. The universe is tingling in anticipation of our dreams.

I had a wonderful inspiration a couple weeks ago – I wrote a letter requesting permission to change a man’s circumstance, a man I’ve never met but greatly respect. If he agrees, I will bring his new situation with me aboard Desire and manifest it. I get excited thinking about having the chance to do this because the outcome is worthy and this outcome has profound implications for creating change on a global scale.

I recently re-read Ursula K Le Guin’s The Lathe of Heaven and I get flashes from it. It’s a cautionary tale but my flashes are always highly encouraging. I am not sure if my famous science fiction writing brother actually said the following or if I imagined it, but it’s one of my favs. “I write science fiction but you live it.”  Oh… yeah…

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