Movie strategy

Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Foundation is trying something interesting. They are posting chapters of the documentary Rethinking Afghanistan as they are completed. This provides for a lot of interaction and audience involvement, even audience building. Here’s the URL…

I heard an interview with Greenwald on the radio program Counterspin and it was beautiful, because I had been thinking along these lines for The Desire Project the last few days. I was riding around in the rain today (warm rain – euphoric) and thinking about how important it is to get some NYC context before I jaunt for Michigan and then west. It all gelled after listening to Greenwald, I need to shoot and cut several short “chapters” between now and May 15.

Here’s Counterspin for 05-01-09, Robert Greenwald’s interview is in the last third or so of the file. Don’t get him mixed up with Glenn Greenwald who discusses torture earlier on.

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