Instruments of mass creation

I’ve been listening to Zietgeist addendum today while rotoscoping Almonds and had a flash on self education.

My brother Steve and I have been talking about how students emerge from college with significant debt. His kids (my nephews) are not very interested in college at present. They are expanding their artistic chops and making movies. It’s the family business.

Just as independent film has broken out of the Hollywood formula, perhaps  Zeitgiest is a proof of concept for independent education. An exploration of an education strategy that might lead to a resource based society.

Certainly the documentation of life is commonplace, absolutely ubiquitous. Cheap cameras could be the enabling technology for independent education. What makes an event documentation worthy? Vacation, family… what about education? Epic adventures and insight, fantastic pratfalls and utter disasters, fortunate accidents… Document it and share it, add it to the archive of knowledge. It’s already happening all over the net but I’ve got something slightly more deliberate in mind.

Almonds was created as a finding of the way and Desire grows this experiment. These projects are inventing an approach to independent education. Maybe a protocol, a paradigm, a perspective. There’s a subtlety here that I may not be quite able to tease out, having something to do with ubiquitous cameras, the world and learning. Anyone else get it? If so, let me know.

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