Aloha New York City

It’s about 2:30 pm on Sunday the 23 of April 2009 by the mad reckoning of the Gregorian calendar. I am gorging on tofu and onions with a dash of tumeric, just a few vacuum swipes away from departure. Leaving the Brooklyn crib for the summer… or however long it takes to do whatever it is I am about to do.

After two months of not finding a sublet for my apartment I was resigned to an absolute exodus.  I had rented a box truck and was even getting excited. 5 years of New York City is enough, whoo hoo – I am outta here! I can release the assorted juicy collaborations, the martial arts training, the bike surfing, the slightly secret romance – don’t you just love secrets?

Then just days ago Anastasia intervened divinely and offered to take the place for the summer, she needing a respite from her reconnaissance of Austria. It donna get much clearer than that. When Anastasia acts as agent of the cosmos, that’s a serious hint.  An easy return to Brooklyn has manifested, so be it.

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