Vision is an articulation of the elemental ideas that motivate and inspire a project.

Why would two guys wander around the Hawaiian islands on a sailboat? Certainly this is a silly question – given the chance, who wouldn’t wander around the Hawaiian islands on a sailboat?

That’s enough right? Bliss is what it’s all about, so what other reasons are needed?

In my life I’ve learned that bliss must be complemented with awareness. That’s the only way to know whether it’s true bliss. Consumption might feel good, but it cannot coexist with awareness. Bliss enlivens all, it’s not about my happiness over yours or a greedy scrabble for limited resources. It is IMHO, the principle that will save our asses from centuries of koyaanisqatsi.

I know there’s something excellent about the Desire Project but I cannot tell you precisely what that is. I’ve got to infuse Desire with awareness and viola – vision!

That’s the only item on this list.  To follow this process, check posts in the visioning category.

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