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I’ve been blogging my ass off the past 4 days, prepping everything for the launch. It’s already June and I’ve got to get the heck out of here if I plan on being in Hawaii in 3 weeks without using jets. First tho, the blogs have to be done.

I’ve learned about the difference between categories and tags in WordPress, revamping the DOG blog (holy boners) in the process. I think HB is ready, and now I am scanning On Desire to see what’s left to do.

I was using categories like tags and wondering what my paradigm for categories could be – I am less than juiced about how I am using them on Holy Boners. As I opened On Desire and realized I had to revise those categories too, I suddenly flashed on what categories could be. They are the ideas and primary objectives of the project. By laying out categories, I am creating a blueprint for the project. Categories are a way of defining where the project is supposed to go and what it’s supposed to be about. That’s cool.

First pass at categories – out of hand


This illustrates how my ‘1st pass’ at categories for On Desire could easily get out of hand. There could be hundreds of details like places and names – they are better implemented as tags. Categories are reserved for the key concepts and principles that belong to the project, what we want to advance our understanding of and engage with. The major themes – now and as the project unfolds.

When I revised Holy Boners I tagged all the posts and created a tag cloud. The more often a tag is used the bigger the font, it’s an easy way to see the ‘big ideas’. I can tag On Desire with details AND with big ideas, then those biggest fonts will suggest categories.

Tag cloud from Holy Bonerstags
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