poetry by Kari

It’s actually July 9, 2009 and I just now found this poem from Kari Tomashik for On Desire.

From:     Kari
Subject:     RE: On Desire
Date:     June 3, 2009 8:02:42 PM GMT-04:00
To:    Dan
Cc:    Kari

on desire……

deserving of a poem….

to whom?
to what?
what from?
what to?
loneliness and video cams wrapped inside a cabin
two flowing to one island
your pants may get too tight or too loose
but remember they are your pants
and if you can’t remember that
just throw them overboard
and watch within
the water
where do they go?
what will they become?
remember everything can get thrown over
shit, you can even throw your self over
and then what will you become?

peace, love, artists in love,

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