Loose ends

From:     DAN
Subject:     Re: Kona next week
Date:     June 8, 2009 9:38:11 AM EDT
To:     KAI

Hey Cap’n,

Still in Michigan waiting for a few final components of the kit to arrive. In the meantime, I am tying up loose ends – clarifying the web sites, submitting Almonds to festivals and sorting out the boxes from the Brooklyn move. June 8th today, 13 days to get to Hawaii by the 21st. Assuming you are on the big island now. How’s Desire?

Thanks re: ‘On Desire’, I’ve been trying to do something on the blog daily, mostly editing some of the more blathery posts before writing more. Enjoying putting it all together.

Love to see current pictures of Desire and in progress. Looking forward to getting there asap.

Still no idea how to get from California to Hawaii. Got a couple of plans tho – Matson and Horizon don’t take passengers so I am going to propose involving them in the project – documenting their environmentally friendly operations in the 8 seas. Would be a great angle and experience. Same approach could be taken with cruise lines maybe. This might be too late to arrange coming to Hawaii but maybe not going back.

Meanwhile posting on sailing crew sites. I’ve tried craigslist too, can you recommend marinas locations in SF, LA or San Diego that might serve longer haul sailers?

It’s raining heavy here, beautiful.

blessings and bliss!


From:     KAI
Subject:     Re: Kona next week
Date:     June 5, 2009 7:37:02 PM EDT
To:    DAN

Hey Dano,

The site looks great! I love that you used one of my favorite pictures. It’s actually of another boat that I was buddy boating with from Neah Bay Washington to Portland OR. We had left early in the morning and I helped lead him through the fog and early darkness with my radar/GPS. When the sun came up the water/lighting was so cool I had to take that pic. Shortly afterward he turned towards Portland I dialed in my sails with a fresh morning breeze and headed farther South.

Anyway, Bon Voyagee on your travels and let me know how things progress. Have you figured out a way to get to Hawaii from the mainland?

Cheers! and fair winds, ~Kai

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