Apple® in the house

Fantastic news – Apple Inc. is willing to support On Desire with an additional Macbook! Kai, Dan and the extended On Desire tribe enthusiastically welcome our latest collaborator. What with Final Cut Pro Studio, an iPhone and a gaggle of Mac Books, Desire will be a well Apple-ed boat. Maybe Steve will even join us in a month or two!

In other news, Dan continues his effort to hitch a ride with Transpac 2009. Returning from board meetings of the Elberta Prelude and Benzie Folk Life Institute early this morning, an email from Woodson Woods of the Lynx Educational Foundation removed the topsail schooner Privateer Lynx as an option – they’ve cut a deal with another production company. Shucks!

Options are getting a bit thin and time is running out – just like in a Hollywood movie! Dan here – it’s all good. My joy is in making last minute magic. Don’t Panic!

Thanks again to the folks at Apple Inc. and welcome aboard!

Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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