The first wave of Transpac 2009 starts without me tomorrow. Jets are only $100 from LA to Honolulu – not an option. So how am I getting to Hawaii?

I spoke to the San Francisco office of Greenpeace and passed them my information. I also tweeted what I believe to be the GP national office in Washington DC. I’ll follow up on Monday.

On the suggestion of my brother Mike I called Don Seth,  an alumni of the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point. He gave me Lisa’s number at the Academy and she said that it’s hard to get civilians on government boats after 911, but that she would try and find contact info for her environmental liason. Don also suggested I survey the harbor masters for news of boats headed to Hawaii, which I’ve started.

There are no cruise ships going to Hawaii until September. That’s kind of a relief actually. Shuffleboard gives me the willies.

I’ll be reposting to all the Cruiser communities on Monday. Findacrew has been sending me updates, but so far the closest they’ve come is a research boat returning to California from Hawaii in late August. That could have worked for the ride back, but my posted profile did not scintillate the ship’s skipper.

It’s time to talk to the container ship companies. This is my first preference and so I’ve taken a little more time getting ready to make the calls. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, container ships are a major enabling component of the Hawaiian economy and consumer culture in general. Documenting a container ship’s passage to the islands would be a fantastic starting segment for On Desire.

I have about 6 more days for my ship to come in. Passage can take from 7-30 days and it’s already almost July. So we are right down to the wire. Whoo hoo!

In other news, I’ve been working with the Bear Lake fellowship to get their movie business up and running. The entire team was out in the field yesterday to document a local band. Then Gretchen Eichberger, Patrick and I shot a fantastic segment in the Shop and Save for the Northwest Michigan Folklife Center and On Desire. We may try another pass today.

Patrick and I bought a 16′ Hobie cat with trailer for $400 from Benzonia potters Alan and Suzie Vigland. A serious platform for adventure! Stone monger Mike Murphy and I are picking it up today.

Here’s to magic and flowing with the cosmic plan.

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