Glorious gray

It’s heavy ‘ready to rain’ color today, with a hint of purple / pink peeking through. Back to wearing the wetsuit when swimming deep.  A shy summer so far, teasing warmth at the end of June and now mostly wet with brisk winds. Tree friendly weather. Well, the trees can have whatever they need as far as I am concerned.

Kai is in Honolulu with a cold. He sounds a little discouraged – Desire’s not quite ready. Sheesh!

It takes a courageous soul to sail thousands of miles solo, I’ll grant him that. Freak storms, sleep deprivation, errant cruise ships attempting to convert your boat into slivers of fiberglass… that could be a rush. But try making a movie sometime, me hardy. Now there’s the true measure of a man, arr!

Disappearing in the open water is a clean exit, you’re just gone. Lost at sea. It’s mysterious, romantic even.

In contrast, making a fatal blunder on your movie usually means crowds of crew muttering against you, actors storming off the set, lawyers threatening apocalypse, massive credit card debt, post production hell, a feeling of existential worthlessness, public shame and humiliation…

I’ve got to get out there and whip that whimpering sailor into ship shape. Safety schmafety, let’s make a movie!

PS – Kai has yet to get the Macbook so it’s tough for him to respond to these taunts. For now, call me el Supremo!

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