Collaborators fill holes in the project with goodness – expertise, advice, elbow grease and even poetry. Yes, there’s room for you here too!

Empire State Maritime Alliance – Guidance and expertise on working boats
Northwest Michigan Folklife Center – Supporting regional expressions of sustainability

Apple Inc. – Macbook Pro loan, July – October 2009 (On Desire)
Northern Welding Specialties – Aluminum casting repair for the Hobie 16 (ALM)
Ecobuilding products – Van loan for transport, retail location for shipping drop-off (ALM)

New York
Micheal Vitti – Project advocate in the afterlife
Cynthia Palmer Stevenson – Cat hostel
Akiko Kato – Accessorization
Master Ru – Transformation and physicality enhancement
Anastasia Frenkel – Saving the Brooklyn crib
Fabrice Covelli – Logistics
Innes Smolansky – Project Attorney
Faisal Azam – Minding the store at

Northern Michigan
Dan Kelly artist and contributor
Melonie and Seamus Steffes Callaghan – Cat hostel
Kari Tomashik – Poetry
Micheal Murphy – Logistics, liquidation, discussion
Patrick Kelly – Camera, sweat equity and discussion
Jonathan Kelly – Car loan (power windows don’t work), sweat equity and discussion
Luke Kelly – Underage drinking, discussion
Steve Kelly – Advice and hospitality
Allison Kelly – Trying to get Dan to stay in Michigan for the summer
Jeff Gibbs – Critique, discussion
James Eichberger Kudlak – Sauna, discussion
Gretchen Eichberger Kudlak – Producer and contributor
James Barnes – Loan of the catering van
Chuck Hunt – Northern Welding Specialties, donation of rudder casting repair in support of Around Lake Michigan

Kai Schwarz – artist and contributor
Kristin Shacat – help with Hawaii transport

Don Seth – help with Hawaii transport
Chip Buck, Whirlwind Sails – awesome deal on Hobie sails and technical advisor
Julie Constantin – social media advisor, excellent friend

Micheal Kelly – Logistics, help with Hawaii transport

Open Source Software and Public Domain Resources
Mozilla – Firefox (Brower)
WordPress – WordPress (Blog software)
David V. Kocher and the Cyberduck team – Cyberduck (FTP software)
Internet Archive (Media and home of the Wayback Machine)
Project Gutenberg (Media)

What’s worth listening to…
WBAI FM NYC streaming talk and music on the web with program archives.
streaming music for making, (especially Space Station).

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