Expansion and sustainability

Kai has been keeping a log of his exploits since arriving in Hawaii and setting up Desire, but since he hasn’t had reliable internet enabled computation, contributing to the On Desire blog has been problematic. Mostly we talk on the phone and then I post an overview. Within the next week,  Apple’s Macbook Pro will arrive in Kona and Kai will be able to transfer his log to this blog. Yesterday Kai bought a Panasonic SDR SW20 waterproof camcorder. Both the camera and laptop should arrive about the same time. With his notes and new camera, we can expect a significant blog expansion.

I have not really defined the idea of sustainable. Sustainable basically means ‘repeat indefinitely’. Can a behavior, action or practice be repeated indefinitely?

We’ve got this big planet, but it’s not infinitely big. The global life support system – do we even understand how the whole thing works? Can we break it? Can we learn how to maintain it? Do we have the tools, the right approach?

I don’t have the answers to these questions. So rather than take the chance that I might mess up the system, I minimize or eliminate my influence on it. I choose behaviors, actions and practice that can be repeated indefinitely. It’s up to each individual to make the move toward sustainability, we each have to live it and then the governments and corporations will follow along. Green is a nice color, but how does one get green? Sustainable is a clear concept – indefinitely repeatable – that can be applied to every aspect of life. It reveals.

I’m still in Beulah waiting for news from container ship companies. The idea is to ride one of the big ships from California to Hawaii, documenting operations and ask – is container transport sustainable? The current iteration of the global economy is dependent on containers, so that’s a great question. Here’s to imminent news of a productive shipper collaboration.

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