Telemetry 090711

Still working on getting over the last dregs of my Honolulu cold. Several interesting developments in the last week though. Apple has come through on it’s pledge to loan us a spanking new Macbook Pro laptop with all the latest software to write and edit video from your lap. I also went ahead and bit the bullet on buying a video camera that fits my action packed lifestyle. Panasonic, who also make bullet proof laptops called Toughbooks, offers a flash card video camera that’s water proof (to 5 feet) right out of the box. Between the laptop and the camera I hope to get the On Desire project at least off of the ground into a low hover.

One of the things about being in barnacle mode, as opposed to spending much of my effort surviving on the food chain, is that occasionally a really tasty morsel drifts your way. Serendipitous synchronicity. It’s just a matter of patience and recognizing it when it is brought to you on the current.

Yesterday I got a call from Dr. Roli, a good friend of mine in San Diego. He asked me if I’d be interested in helping him deliver a 58′ Mandarin motor sailer (Sea Horse Shipyards, Hong Kong) named Jungle from Hawaii to Newport, CA. I spoke with Jim, the owner, this morning for about an hour and a half.

It sounds like a solid boat, appointed well with the makings of a capable crew. In a worst case scenario Roli and I could run the boat by ourselves. Plus Jim wants to pay me to do a bunch of electronic/electrical upgrades on the boat. The time frame is to leave from Ko Olina, HI on August 22nd with about a 20 day passage to Newport, CA.

That gives me plenty of time to get Desire sorted out, as well as work on some video stuff and do some sailing on Siesta.

I don’t see a down side.


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