Radical redesign

As reported a few weeks back, Kai’s got problems with Desire. It’s been sitting for so long unattended that there’s no way he can get it ready in time to return to Seattle ahead of big weather in September. After a weekend of soul searching, he decided to keep Desire dry and prepare her for an eventual sale.

There are other boats we can borrow and hitch rides on, but that’s different from having our own boat on our own schedule. Combined with my inability to find boat transport to Hawaii, we are facing a radical redesign of On Desire. We don’t have a reliable boat in Hawaii nor am I even in Hawaii. Even if I could get there, summer is about half over.

Why not fly? It’s not about the money – jet service from LA to Honolulu is around $100, I could do a round trip from Michigan to Hawaii for less the $400 and be there in a few days. Al Gore gave himself a free pass to make Inconvenient Truth, but how much Co2 did he loft in to the atmosphere jetting hither and yon? I have to take responsibility for my own impact, whatever my good intentions happen to be. It’s about kicking my terrorist/consumer addiction, even if it means passing up on a groovy summer in Hawaii.

How can Kai and I discuss sustainability without shared geography? How can we leverage our complimentary powers if we can’t combine them in physical space? That’s exactly what we are going to figure out in the next 2 weeks, right here. The wind turbine slices the sky in blogdom – and you’re invited.

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