On Desire remix

Gosh, everything was just hitting the fan this week! Kai’s friends were calling him a wussy and worse because this blog didn’t make any sense. He complained that he couldn’t find anything. Meanwhile I’ve been scrambling on Plan B, a summer adventure to make-up for missing Hawaii.

His ideas for restructuring our documentation were useful. I hate that there’s no easy way to record our phone conversations with my second gen iPhone (sans jailbreaking), we’d really like to post audio excerpts for all to hear.

I’ve reduced the number of pages to; 1) a mission and disclaimer, 2)  backstory, 3) events 4) collaborators, and 5) how this works. I’ve clarified and obfuscated content as needed. There’s still a bit of category cleaning ahead, but things are much neater blogwise. Previous pages will be converted to posts and then – onward.

So what’s the deal? Kai and I are now On Desire collaborators like everyone else. We are the primary contributors only because we are showing up. Any worthy who’s willing to share wisdom will also be accorded full honors. We are conspiring to recruit other vibrant personalities to On Desire and would especially appreciate a crack editor or two and even a savvy blog mom. I’ll continue to be blog mom until future notice, final arbiter of all disputes and embodiment of divine authority.

Meanwhile, I’ve announced my plan B, Around Lake Michigan. I’ve been hard at work getting ready, stay tuned for a flurry of updates.

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