Project clocks

UTC-10 UTC-4
UTC-5, daylight savings +1
Kai Schwarz
26′ Westerly Centaur Sloop Desire (drydock)
Northern Michigan
Dan Kelly
Hobie 16 (drydock)
Gretchen Eichberger
New York
Ann Loeding
Trickster Pictures
On Desire
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4 Responses to Project clocks

  1. Kai says:

    Looks pretty good Dan. The only thing I would change would see if the clocks can be arranged horizontally and call the ‘on Desire’ one UTC. Cheers! ~Kai

  2. Dan says:

    Ok, here it is horizontal and with UTCs. I’d rather the clocks didn’t have a rollover feature, but what the heck.

  3. Kai says:

    Looks fine Dan, Check the time on the UTC clock though. I think it’s an hour fast:

  4. Dan says:

    Ok Mr stickler for detail… fixed it.

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