Daily grind

Another day of prepping the hulls for repair. Here’s the latest pix.

Why document the mundane and tedious?

Unless I struggle, you just won’t care what I want. Five days until launch and there are big holes in my boat. Do you care yet?

I like this work, the problem solving and visualizing the steps needed for an effective repair. To remember the techniques I am learning, I’ve got to leave a trail of breadcrumbs.

before after

right side up

Mystery impact with drip

"drip" is on the right

Upside down, "drip" is on the right with stain running up


before after

starboard rudder damage

Starboard rudder damage


not quite ready

Still not quite ready

still more…

before after



becomes a port hole

Becomes a port hole


twice as much fun

Twice as much fun

delamination just under the deck

Delamination just under the deck


Port hull outside bottom job

Blister constellations are now very lovely

Blister constellations are now very lovely

port inside bottom job

Port hull inside bottom job

gelcoat ding goes a little further

Gelcoat ding goes a little further

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