Foam dilemma

I’ve got voids in the foam sandwich and rather than cut little pieces of new foam I thought it made more sense to pour in foam that would expand to fill the voids and joints completely. There’s product by based on recommendation from a Hobie Cat forum post.

Kurt Hughes says urethane foams are friable which means they crumble under repeat load. I had already placed the urethane order but was able to cancel it. I looked into divinycell which is supposedly what they use in Hobie’s now. Then I saw a post that said in 1977 the foam core was urethane, (my cat is 1979). Jeez, round and round.

Since my jib won’t be here until next week I’ve got a bit more time for the hull repairs. Even so, I want the hulls to be finished by Friday, (my targeted launch date). Then I can reassemble this weekend and sail her with the old sails to be sure everything is working.

Grind 2 small areas that I missed yesterday
Clean the exposed fiberglass with acetone
Fill small voids first or glass first? Which is stronger?

Today I’ll start actually closing some of it up, probably starting with the bottom jobs and small patches where the foam sandwich construction isn’t an issue.

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