Foam schmoam

Though I had thought the grinding was completely finished at 2:00 pm today, it wasn’t. I was prep sanding on the port hull’s bow when I broke through to a big void under the glass. That meant more grinding and eventually breaking though into the interior of the hull. This is the smallest hull breach of the three, perhaps 1 and 1/2 inches long. After prep sanding all the excavations and washing them down with acetone, Patrick and I were finally ready to handle the smallest dings and divots. I mixed up some peanut butter (structural epoxy paste) and following Kai’s recommendations filled to a max depth of 3/16 – 1/4 depth. Most of the repairs were nowhere near that deep and were topped off immediately. We are ready to put in a full day tomorrow, breaking in time for Gretchen and Jim’s evening bonfire up at the cottage art installation.

Here’s tomorrow’s list…

build backing plate for new enlarged hull breach by starboard rudder
epoxy exposed wood near rudder, three coats
sand interior of midsection hull breach in preparation for backing plate and out facing side of backing plate
sand peanut butter in all holes repaired on Wednesday
install backing plates in port hull midsection breach using fishing line technique, add peanut butter to half level
wet out areas with partially filled excavations
use rest of peanut butter to top off partially filled excavations
wet out patches for now completely filled excavations and install
wet out all excavations excluding rudder and midsection breaches
wet out patches for all excavations except excluded and install
wet out bottom jobs and install armor patches

next day

sand and wet out rudder breach backing plate and interior, install using fishing line technique, fill half with peanut butter
sand all repairs
wet out and fair sanded repairs with peanut butter
top off midsection breach backing plate patch with peanut butter, install outer patch

next day

sand midsection breach, fair with peanut butter
sand and wet out rudder breach backing plate, top off with peanut butter and install patch
inject soft areas fore of front pilons

next day

UV paint

next day

reassemble hobie

I decided to skip foam replacement all together. It’s such a minor component of the repair, structural epoxy paste is perfectly adequate, IMHO. With luck will be able to finish closing the hulls up on Sunday.

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