There was a bon voyage party for me last night that I missed because I was scatter brained over these repairs and couldn’t remember where Gretchen said it was. I almost sprained my ass riding 11 miles at top speed on Steve Z’s road bike to get to Jim and Gretchen’s, only to find nobody there but their dog Doris, barking, barking, barking. They were all at Elberta beach but even though Patrick showed up and we drove down there, I didn’t recognize any cars. Shite. I’ll have another party at the house after the jib arrives next week.

Here’s a done list on the glass work. Pix coming.

√ build backing plate for new enlarged hull breach by starboard rudder
√ epoxy exposed wood near rudder, three coats
√ sand interior of midsection hull breach in preparation for backing plate and out facing side of backing plate
√ install backing plates in port hull midsection breach using fishing line technique, add peanut butter to half level
√ wet out areas with partially filled excavations
√ use rest of peanut butter to top off partially filled excavations
√ wet out patches for now completely filled excavations and install
√ sand and wet out rudder breach backing plate and interior, install using fishing line technique, fill half with peanut butter

wet out all excavations excluding rudder and midsection breaches (3 remain)
wet out patches for all excavations except excluded and install (3 remain)
wet out bottom jobs and install armor patches
top off midsection breach backing plate patch with peanut butter, install outer patch
sand midsection breach, fair with peanut butter
sand and wet out rudder breach backing plate, top off with peanut butter and install patch
sand, wet out and fair all repairs, minor gouges, bottom scratches
rebuild ridge by rudder
inject soft areas fore of front pilons
UV paint

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