Paddles to the sea

Circumnavigations that come to mind… Remember that book by Holling C. Holling entitled Paddle to the Sea? A young Canadian boy carves a paddle person in a canoe and releases him in Nipigon country just north of Lake Superior during the spring thaw. The book documents Paddle-to-the-Sea as he ventures through the Great Lakes making his way out the St. Lawrence, across the Atlantic to France. Wild journey.

A father and daughter circumnavigated Lake Superior in a HOBIE! Is Dan the first circumnavigator in a Hobie of Lake Michigan? We’ve got several kayakers, bikers, walkers, runners, canoeists, but no Hobie in our beloved squash-shaped Lake of Lakes.

Our Great Lakes is under siege with non-native species – what does your sail look like?

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  1. Dan Kelly says:

    I found this on youtube!

  2. Kai Schwarz says:

    May name is Paddle to the Sea.
    Please put me back in the water.

    I loved this movie as a kid! Ok, I’m going to seriously date myself with my association with this movie, but here goes…

    When I was in elementary school it was show to us a few times a year, along with ‘Magnesium and You’, as well a the scary film from Civil Defense called ‘Duck and Cover!’. When I was in 5th and 6th grade I was given the honer of being the class projectionist. This film came to us from the central LA school media library and was a rather dated copy. It came on three or four reels and used to break on at least one of the reals. I discovered that the Bell and Howell 16mm projector had this jig built into the case for splicing movies and I took special care in lining up the sprocket holes and splicing the breaks back together properly.

    I even tried to build my own version of Paddle to the Sea. Because we lived by the ocean I wanted mine to cross the ocean to the other side. I built several sail boats out of wood with weighted keels and my mom’s sewing scraps as sails. I wrote my address on them and launched them from several different locations from Malibu to Del Mar. I hadn’t thought of this in years but I wonder if I’ll ever hear about the fate of one of them?

  3. Dan Kelly says:

    That is totally great. The synchronicity factor is amping up at On Desire! Love you man.

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