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Got a comment for On Desire? Maybe just want to write your name in the sand to say you’ve been here?

To get started, return to the home page, follow the “Register” link to the right and sign in with a fairly full name or a very imaginary alias that everyone can easily associate with your unique RL (real life) persona. Then you can post comments and more.

We love you – just do it!


If you’re ready to contribute with actual posts, tell us a little about yourself in your biography.  Include your full name and why you are interested in On Desire projects like Around Lake Michigan.

General notes on posts

Separate major ideas into different posts. This helps keep comments relevant and facilitates linking later on.

Steer clear of generic titles like, ‘my thoughts’. Choose a descriptive title that sums up the post and is specific, eg “Big disaster at the cookie factory”.

Do choose categories and do include tags. If you don’t understand them fully, call Dan and ask!

Publishing articles / pages from other web sites

This is a two post process. First create a pubic post and add a link to the original article there. Important – Include a concise description about why you think the linked article is relevant.

Second, create a new private post and paste the entire article – text and pictures – to create a local archive. This gives us a backup in case the original link goes dead in the future.

If that’s as far as you want to go, fine.  Ideally, contributors should elaborate on how they think a link relates to ondesire / ALM with specific references to our projects’ perspective and philosophy – as you understand it. Advance the conversation by offering connections, contrasts, lessons learned, etc. Put the link and it’s contents in context. Do include short excerpts from the linked article to illustrate your points, much like quoting from an email.

Please do not use the cross posting plugin, ever.


Unless you know what you are doing, stick to making posts. Do not make or alter pages. Don’t fool around with the settings of the blog. Stick to posts.
Administrators may change the blog’s appearance or operation occasionally. Major changes are discussed at If you would like to make a suggestion for change, post the suggestion as private or send an email directly.

Please do not use the cross posting plugin, ever.

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5 Responses to Guest book

  1. Natalie says:

    Hi Dan,

    Oliver and I enjoyed meeting you this morning at the South Bluff…enjoy your journey…


  2. Thanks for checking on the project Natalie! We finally launched about 30 minutes after you and Oliver passed on your way back, though Hello World and Ianguished sans wind for an hour or so. We eventually got a nice push down to north of Portage Lake. I’m finding lots more beaches good for both human and dog.

  3. Darren says:

    Aloha Dan,

    Was good meeting you the other day at Oval Beach. Definately a MacGiver-approved rig you got there. I look forward to following your progress on this site…but dang, if there was ever a large gulf between online and actual life your project illustrates it well!

    Happy trails (boat wakes?),

    Darren, Courtney, and baby Lea
    Mountain View, Hawaii

  4. It was awesome to meet some more island folk, thanks for hanging. Your comment about online and actual is really interesting, could you elaborate?

  5. Darren says:

    Heh, funny you should ask. Thanks for indulging a theme, or a confusion, I see happening regarding so called social media. At its worst, I think a false sense of community can very much lead to more fragmentation, or less integrity if you like, in our communites. If you get a chance, don’t hesitate to check out some of my ideas at Island Notes. Shameless plug I know — but you DID ask, heh. Here’s a URL to a ditty where I tried to elaborate on the notion. Any comments are always welcome. Also that sustainability forum that we got going in east Hawaii (and that I had mentioned to you) is stitched into the blog list there:



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