She floats

Hello World hit the water Tuesday evening after a month of renovations. Wednesday saw her across Crystal Lake, ready to fly. The ALM expedition is on track for a September launch.

Curious collaborator – “Hey DK, I thought you were planning to be outta there a couple of weeks ago?” Boats launch when they are ready, and not before. The decision is not up to me, all I can do is make wild predictions. She’s raring to go though, practically sails herself.

A short list of recent renovations and fixes – welding for the rudder castings (Monday) and the mast base, mast step and the port stern trampoline corner (Friday), graphics for the hulls (in process), loads of little replacement shackles and pins, rudder rebuilds, rigging tunes and the clearing of a parking space for her. Left to do… reassemble on Saturday, preliminary pack, sail her loaded up, clean house, final pack, order additional parts to be picked up in transit, update blog, etc.

There’s catch-up posts in the queue, but we’ll have to make do for now with her press release picture. For the sailing geeks – unloaded, her helm is ever so slightly weather.


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