Shakedown Version 2.0

Reassembly complete and who needs the fancy thread fixing tool when Patrick’s around? Give him a triangular file and 30 minutes – viola! Working threads.

Here’s the last geeky maker shot – a whazit I invented to keep the threads from getting smashed up again when the striker bar gets hammered and tugged through it’s holes. Lesson learned – don’t bang on exposed threads!


We’re going out for a sail now to test of the trapeze and whether I can right her by myself if she flips.

8-30 post shakedown

Patrick and I had a fantastic sail, out there yelling and whooping it up. Later in front of the house we did a controlled capsize and total turtle. Turns out she’s too much for me to right alone, unless I drop her sails and even then I’d need some help. We got cold while I was futzing with her alone so Patrick added his girth and we got her back up, but not before two smokers came out to offer help.

Murrray’s sells a righting bag and pulley system to give me the extra weight I’d need should I ever have to right her solo, plus tying a Baolong to the top of the mast keeps it from totally turtling. Lovely sunset after an exhilerating day.

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