Striker bar Sunday

I’m into this WordPress for the iPhone thang. Now outhouse reports can go directly to the big screen.

It’s not polite to talk poop in public, unless you’ve been liberated by Joseph Jenkin’s Humanure Handbook, a fantastic tome that’s now available in it’s entirety as PDF at I had my consciousness raised oh so many years ago by the paper incarnation of the HH, and when thinking about how to deal with my you know what during ALM, I yearned to once again for it’s inspiration. Let’s face it folks, we are shit machines. That’s a great thing, if we take responsibility for it. The HH is the truth to set us free! While rereading it, I imagined restructuring the whole ALM project around poop, making poop more prominent. That’s the power of poop, my friends.

Oh yeah, today’s the day to figure out how to fix the threads on the striker bar.

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