Checklist Sundries

20′ rope, 30′ drawstring, 200′ twine
4 x spare synch thingies
2 x lighter
candle lantern
3 x candles

Hygiene Health and First Aid

utility knife
finger nail clipper
cotton swabs
20 x hair ties

Shaman Rx
Cold sore
Hauschka’s sunscreen
2 x Green Ban
Niacinamide Gel
R-alpha lipoic acid
Banyan botanicals immune support
Beta glucans
3 x endochrine balance
Dinindolyl methane (DIM)
Zheng gu Shui (bone water)
Wan hua oil (joints)
Ching Wan Hung (burn medicine)

Reference library
Weather 1957
Elements of Style, Strunk and White
Wilderness Medicine Beyond First Aid, Forgey
Ropes, Knots and Slings for Climbers, Wheelock
NAUI Openwater I Training

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