Pumping water

After putting a good amount of distance between me and the starter fluid people, I blew off the idea of reaching Otter Creek. It was surely not far away, but it was getting late and I was ready to stop. I hauled her up on the beach and pitched my tent on the trampoline to pacify any passing rangers.

Up in the morning around 8:00 am, who happens by but Ranger Jim. I greet him and he asks if I know it was it was illegal to camp. I told him I was on my way to North Manitou, that I would have anchored had I not arrived very late, that I had a composting toilet and that the North Manitou ranger told me that it was ok to pull up a boat on the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and camp as long as I was 150 ft from the water, but I figured sleeping on my boat would do less damage than trying to wade into the dune grass in the pitch dark. He replied that the 150 foot rule applied only  to the islands, not to the mainland. He said he was going to give me a break because I was on a boat, but that the other campers were going to get tickets. I thanked him and immediately ratted out the arsonists to the south, he told me he had found their empty cans of starter fluid. We parted on friendly terms.

south of otter IMG_1165

South of Otter Creek, looking south towards Platte River

south of otter IMG_1167

My first stew, when I discovered that grain alcohol isn't the ideal fuel.

south of otter IMG_1162

Looking north towards Otter Creek

south of otter IMG_1166

The tent. Housekeeping on the Macbook Pro inside while charging batteries with the Brunton Solaris outside.

Why do I pump? First morning on the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, lazing in the sun and expounding on earning water. I am made of water, sipping from the shores of a fresh water sea, feeling grateful.

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  1. heikilee says:

    Looks comfy!
    I am not sure, if i am seeing the Sketch, but its great to see all the photos!
    Love Heiki

  2. Dan Kelly says:


    You can see all the video sketches or chapters by following this link…


    and check out video chapters.


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