It was late in the day when we approached Northport’s clay cliffs, reminiscent of crumbling citadels. Several spots looked agreeable and unpopulated from the water, but I decided to chase down a couple walking north along the beach and get the skinny. We had to tack repeatedly to catch up to them.

“Ok to camp around here?”, I shouted, after a brief introduction.

“Sure, there’s nice sand that way,” the fellow replied, pointing south.

Hello World and I spun around and found a lovely little roost, just before sunset.

northport IMG_0651

looking east

northport IMG_0652

looking west

Some images are beyond documentation. A tent glowing with a single candle under a star scattered sky. Goodnight from Northport, Michigan.

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4 Responses to Northport

  1. heikilee says:

    Hi Dan,
    How is it going?
    Just thinking about you, glad the weather is holding out and hope you are enjoying the sail.
    Love Heiki

  2. heikilee says:

    If you see a crazy guy running around Cathead Bay, you might ask if he is the professor…
    Its his territory up there, and he is a force to be reckoned with!
    Love Heidi

  3. Dan Kelly says:

    Crazy guy who calls himself the professor? That sounds like a good fit for this project. Perhaps when I emerge from Grand Traverse Bay I might find this dude. What else can you tell me about him?

  4. heikilee says:

    Hmm, sorry so late on the return swing there Dan!
    The nutty professor is one of the clansmen that run around the woods of northern michigan and erect stone cathedrals with pagan meanings and are known to place these hanging rocks, from public state land. They are notoriously known as Kenny LaRoche and if you have a chance, their website is quite fascinating. The professor, aka Slag was my communication professor at NMC… I think it would be oh so appropriate for you to meet the members of this very elite clan of pagan worshippers.
    How are your westerly winds?

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