Fruit fly friendship

My bare back is covered with fruit flies, a delicious tingle like static electricity.

That’s this mornings update from the nitrogen accumulator, otherwise known as the dungomatic, TM. I’d anchored on a pretty wild beach and so was amazed to see them (feel them) in such profusion, but of course they have a life beyond humans. Aside from the surreal Groucho quip, this was my first positive fruit fly association. Another reason to get with nature – erotic encounters with wildlife.


Anchored on Old Mission Peninsula western edge, and a special moment on the dungomatic.

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2 Responses to Fruit fly friendship

  1. heikilee says:

    You are most bizarre Dan!
    But, I can sort of imagine it, thrill seeking!

  2. heikilee says:

    Just wanted to add, your interviews and posts to date, have been interesting and fun to read. Nice that you are so technical to keep us up to date with a daily journal and photos too. Its very cool. Take good care,

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