Heading ESE

To Wisconsin!

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  1. Nature endures
    why this country was founded… the sheer beauty and environmental quality.
    It was John Muir, that guy from Alaska…. something Murrie… incredible…
    The establishment of a National Park System, the birth of the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy

    from Alaska
    to Biscayne Bay.. Lincoln Memorial

    Why is the chic PhD cultural geographer moving from LA to MICHIGAN!?!?!?! When everyone’s leaving Michigan in droves? and to California?

    WHy do I love my public parks, trails, riverfronts, waterfronts, lakeshores, districts, sites, monuments….now we’re faced with what’s left of our Great Lakes…
    DO we really preserve it… can we? are we smart enough to not answer the door? to fight back bribes and loopholes, to demand wind power now! If so Michigan’s #1 economy is tourism??? it mostly likely is to because of the Great Lakes.. what is left of it.. what people will do for monehy…. so save the folklore …. the culture…..

    Interviewing your leaders…… from classroom teacher to private sector CEO to mayor to state rep to governor/president

    Why is it that the teachers need to be a park ranger or or land sterward, farmer, etc.. prior to teaching in the ‘classroom’

    I’ve got more….. this is going to grow.

    Why is s historic district commission needed in Benzie County?

    on this site… wonderland? kidding.. but not really.

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