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Back in Brooklyn after a 13 hour drive with my brother Steve yesterday. We’ve got a date today to help a mutual friend with his apartment, then Steve will be heading back to Michigan on Wednesday. Meanwhile, wow! What’s it like to be back in the burghs of NYC after almost 5 months of water work and wilds? As we flowed through the three and four lane feed lines of Manhattan yesterday evening, I couldn’t help comparing the presence of the Big Lake with the approaching Big City. Caught in a cluster of steel quanta hurtling along animated asphalt, eerie lights barely penetrating the dark jumble and riot of overpowered civilization. Just a week or so prior, the shape of distant clouds determined the day and the tickle of wind on my cheek was significant. Awesome energies inherent in either scenario, and perhaps there is relationship, commonality. I am the bridge between them certainly and they are both wonders of the planet earth at this general locus of space time. Could there be more?

Hello World

Hello World

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  1. Kai Schwarz says:

    I know exactly what you are going through Dan. Whenever I return to ‘civilization’ after being offshore for a while I feel like an alien landing on a strange planet inhabited by an overwhelming mass of strange and irrational species who have no conception of the beauty and majesty that lies just a short distance away.

    Yet I know that I need both worlds to survive. I spent years learning and honing the skills needed to be a solo sailer. On my first solo jaunt down the coast I quickly realized that, though I was physically alone on the boat, I had hundreds of people on the boat with me who helped me get there, to be the person I was right there in that moment.

    When I pulled into a harbor, I have come from a place of incredible sublime and overwhelmingly rich beauty and landed in a seemingly hellish, insane stink pile. But there are lots of jewels in the garbage and long as I remember that there are better smelling places, I can survive there for a bit to gather and store provisions for the next journey into a more reality based place.

  2. heikilee says:

    Hi Dan,
    Just wanted to say hello, happy fall and glad that you made it safely back to the city…
    Must be amazingly weird.

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