Coherent plan – objectives (ALM)

2.1 Objectives common to both projects…

2.2 Objectives of DOG

2.3 Objectives of ALM

2.3.1 convey the main character (premise / starting point) to establish rapport. He becomes a compelling guide / proxy for the audience (get inside his head) snafu life support system threatened suicidal status quo – centuries in the making -> empires/colonies -> industrial revolution -> consumer culture -> ignorance on purpose – it’s not an accident, ok? we’re supposed to stay stupid – school, culture, food, jobs, religion toxic training makes consumers culpable individual impact multiplied by billions healing prevented (deliberate) sustainable civ already exists in fragmented state (indigenous species) but entrenched powers keep future artifacts obscure and scattered acquisition and assembly discouraged (there are no options) oh and BTW, we’ll need a miracle carbon past point of no return invisible opponents trained to go insane, each of us our own enemy – soldiers attacking their own supply lines and themselves our choice decide to thrive with rigorous persistance most anything is possible find out what we really are notice and question self imposed limits live our bliss identify (equate survival) with a robust global life support system spread the love do yourself first, then bring others along with shared techniques, knowledge, resources vigorous practice of art / science to inspire and translate build and celebrate community find a way pay attention have an idea start anywhere have fun, have an adventure repeat becoming miraculous simplicity rather than convenience discovering the body’s undocumented features presence beyond what we know that which does not kill me… big adventure feel it into being ecstatic evidence

2.3.2 illustrated guide to post consumer pragmatic magic, or becoming miraculous objectives don’t have to be revealed to the audience, they just have to be achieved. ALM never needs to explain that the point of the project is to show the audience how to become miraculous, it just has to do it. this is just the story of one man who thinks he can become miraculous and how he goes about it. one does not have to believe it’s possible to want to watch. he’s insane, how interesting. it doesn’t have to hold itself out as a manual for magic making, even though that’s exactly what it is – a terrorist training film. it can also hold itself out as a magic manual in a sort of tongue and cheek style, hiding in plain sight. definition of miraculous and magic is the magic only in my head then? is it a shared reality or private hallucination – that’s the question the audience asks. Dan – first we imagine the subtle energy, then we feel it… what’s the difference? first we have an idea, then we work towards realizing it… what’s the difference? Miracles are not uncommon, they are the norm.  Western folk are indoctrinated to ignore and even to deny them. If evidence of magic is presented, it must fit into a impoverished box which removes the very components that enable – participation. My experience of reverence is a connection to the experiment – I am this too. I am inextricably tangled in the test. remember, we say demonstrate, we say illustrate. that’s doable. Rewriting the accepted definition of miracle does not cut it. What folks want to see is a suspension of physics, or the manifestation of an entity that is not easily cataloged by Darwin. What is proof to the documentary audience? Personal accounts? Recreations? Graphs and charts? An excellent question. When we say illustrate, what do we mean? what’s miraculous about ALM? what did i do or experience that was miraculous? how did I invite magic? connection to wilderness this experience is available to those who can slip the default conditioning. it is perhaps a gift in these strange times to be able to feel the earth, be present in the wild places and ‘get it’. It’s pure feeling, a heady cocktail of emotions – elation, reverence, acute perception, open and available, power. For those who don’t know, can’t know, it’s a joke, a cliche. Thier scoffing laughter is zombie conditioning, keeps us all from knowing what we are, the sound of self loathing. Instead, allow robust joy to well up inside and perhaps laugh maniacally – like a mutant ape who has busted the lock on his cage, or chuckle gently – at the wonder of being anything at all, even just alive. opening to the moment – release of temporal conditioning men who ride mountains – discovering extra capability my tribe is everywhere – expand and celebrate beyond my self risk alone human and hobie and wind and water = one miracles are repeatable, verifiable. reality as experienced by a flexible consciousness strange things happen when communing with a planet sized entity that is your own personal starship. the very components of my body are of earth origins

2.3.3 open the process, share the process songwriting and composition – lyrics about the journey not only where are the artifacts but how to recognize and document them DIY. Distributing the on desire approach (crowd sourcing) letters, drawings, audio, video video remixes ttf – having your own direct experience, trusting your own direct experience

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