Am I a good friend?

When you love a lot of people, how do you keep the connections fresh? This is a quandary for me as I’m blessed with a large extended family. Blogs help me make big chunks of my life public.

With the explosion of activity on the net, ‘public’ doesn’t mean seen by everyone. The idea that privacy is dead is misleading. I can publish my life via this blog and 99% of humans will never know I exist. Only 25% of poeple on earth have access to the internet and maybe 50% of those read English. Only a tiny fraction of the remaining 1 billion will ever know about my blog, read one word of what I write.

Public really means available to my clan. Let’s face it, most of the folks who are willing to wade through this dross already know me. They are here because I invited them. My guess is that even with all my tagging and whatnot, most of my bloggees are going to have some RL connection to me.

Blogging is really  for my extended family – that’s today’s insight – and I ought to remind the tribe of that. I fantasized that I was writing for a future world, for the crowds who will be showing up once I hit my stride as a filmmaker, world saver, visionary. Reality check – I write for myself and for the crowd of simulations that run in my head, my cast of precious and very personal characters.

What a relief!

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