Pancakes and scrambled tofu hash with Erica and Faisal

Erica and Faisal came over for pancakes on Friday, 10/02/19. Faisal’s version of the DOG edit, ostensibly the reason for our reunion, remained untouched. Instead we talked… about advancing our craft, social presence, Around Lake Michigan, redefining projects, new collaborations and Earth. An energizing evening of scintillating conceptual improvisation.

We looked at two sections of the ALM rough cut, what is emerging as the project calling card. I asked them what artifacts of a future civilization the Ritch Branstrom interview might point to…

Everything has life, what appears to be junk or trash is just the beginning of another cycle.

This could be analogous to the Law of Conservation, which states that matter can neither be created or destroyed, just changed in form. One might postulate an analogous Law of Utility – the value of an object is contextual, usefulness can neither be created or destroyed, just reimagined. Utility promises worthy application as a remediation principle, eg mining landfills, fractionating soil to harvest nuclear contaminents, etc. In the hospice civilization of yore, Utility would have been co-opted for greenscam propaganda, eg “We’re not generating toxic waste, we’re building the future!” Thank you Monsanto. But, but, but… what if ubiquitous PCBs could be reimagined and repurposed? That’s the sort of big medicine this artifact hints at.

That last paragraph was an exploratory digression – jumping immediately to interpretation and application is not always desirable, implications take time to sink in. Here’s a couple more of their insights, sans my comments. For a deeper draught, I’d suggest imbibing at the source, cue the movie which should be posted soonish.

Bliss based big systems are worth integrating into.

Ritch’s experience of flow indicates that a sustainable civilization features redesigned time.

After a focused exchange about the ALM calling card, we discussed how Erica and Faisal might fit into version 2.0 of ALM. Erica had earlier recounted a frustrating episode as the manager of major manufacturer’s social presence feed, specifically how the company’s lack of transparency and integrity killed the conversation. I raved about Julie and her offer to take on ALM’s social presence, an unprecedented opportunity to learn at the foot of a master as we spread the ALM love. I admit to dangling Julie bait-like to draw them even further into my nefarious schemes. We’ll wait and see if they bite…

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