Prime Directives from artifacts

A sustainable civilization is a diverse proposition that includes all our future activity and experience. An artifact of a sustainable civilization is any object, process or behavior that points to the fundamental operating principles of a sustainable civilization. These principles in turn reveal individual perspectives that are in sync, viewpoints worth adopting. By adopting these viewpoints myself, I can travel into the future.

What’s the difference between changing the actual date and experiencing a Future Resonant Life? A significant date change means gray hair and wrinkles for my nephews and nieces while a FRL lets them grow slow. Why bother tasting a happy collective destiny if I’ve got to loose my peeps? Obviously whack, that.

So here’s the FRL groove so far and Prime Directives of Around Lake Michigan. Can you say “primordial soup”?

• reuse, renovate, re-purpose, multipurpose, rebuild, maker aesthetic, DIY

• low impact, small footprint, efficient, resource sipping, frugal, improvise, make do

• in accord with the global life support system. recognize and integrate into evolved cycles, inter-connection and inter-reliance

• RL networks, community, social capital, reputation economy, whuffie

• open source, open process, building knowledge, creative commons, transparency, global archives

• science fiction – extrapolation of social and technological developments to find the future and influence it, applied imagination, exploring alternate scenarios yields better choices.

• art, supercharged communication, cognitive hacks, surprise, direct experience transfer /  translation, experience of being fully alive, mysticism, shamanism, storytelling

• other…

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