What’s worth listening to…

I am a fan of WBAI FM in NYC. Fortunately, I don’t have to be in Brooklyn to enjoy the broadcast.  Not only is WBAI streaming on the web, but archives are available for 90 days. WBAI is totally listener supported. There are so many great programs, here are some of my favs…

WBAI Evening News

Wakeup Call

TalkBack! – Hugh Hamilton

Taking Aim – Ralph Schoenman, Mya Shone

Positive Mind – Armand DiMele

Personal Computer Show

Off the Hook – Emmanuel Goldstein

Liquid Sound Lounge – Jeannie Hopper

Hour of the Wolf – Jim Freund

Golden Age of Radio – Max Schmid

Free Speech Radio News

First Voices Indigenous Radio – Tiokasin Ghosthorse

Equal Time for Freethought

Eco-Logic – Ken Gale, David Occhiuto

Earthwatch with Robert Knight

Explorations – Michio Kaku

Democracy Now!


Behind the News – Doug Henwood

As I Please – Simon Loekle

All Mixed Up – Peter Bochan

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