I’ve cloned myself

Just over a year ago I started cloning myself. I am amazed to announce that the process is complete, pretty nearly. As long as I am alive and ever changing my clone is also a work in progress. Last night I finished duplicating 25 terrabytes of my archive, effectively creating two sets of myself. I just need to find an undisclosed location to stash my clone and I’ll be even harder to kill than ever before. Take that nefarious invisible conquistadors.

It took 11 months longer than I had originally anticipated because of the expense and time. Step one – migrate from fixed firewire drives to cheap sata drives. The economic downturn kicked in and buyers for my fixed drives were scarce. I had to limp along selling old drives to buy new ones. Eventually I had the archive converted to 25 sata drives. Step 2 – scrape together funds to buy another 25 terrabytes of sata drives (while paying down credit card debt). It was just last week that Joe from Fedex handed me the last 10 drives I needed to finish.

So the point of this is what exactly? Who cares about my freaking back-up process? It’s blog worthy because I want to acknowledge a goal achieved! Having a clone is insurance, it’s responsibility and it’s recognition.  If the roof leaks or there’s a fire, my digital self is protected. I have taken responsibility for making sure my (and my clients) projects are safe. Finally, I recognize that what I have created over the past 25 years is worthy of care and preservation, that it’s important. I honor myself with this clone.


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