Back in Beulah

From Monday eve… Waiting at Newark airport for the arrival of nephew Lucas who’ll be riding shotgun on the return to Michigan. The intention is to drive through the night. If we can get out of here by 9:00 pm tonight we can pull into his Bear Lake house by 11:00 am on the morrow.. Fortunately I am well supplied with sencha green tea from the Park Slope Food Coop…

We made Bear Lake just after 11:00 am. The other three Kelly men gave us a hearty greeting and we all proceeded to chill, nosh and netflix the day away. By 10:30 pm I was homing in on the lake house, bed and a light coma.

Now nearly motionless in the spindly rocker, dreaming of a ginger banana smoothie and socks for my bare feet.

About 30 days left before launch.

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