27 days

This is calling card weekend, three days to create a short movie that explains the project. I’ve already got a 40 minute rough cut of the September trip (presented at the Evening of Exploration in November). My plan is to scavenge the best parts of the rough cut and adapt it to a shorter format, 10-12 minutes.

I also need to develop an explanation for future artifacts of sustainable civilizations and perhaps do character development for the ALM guide, (moi).

Here’s a sketch of the “analogy”. Larry Kinney explains the¬† concept of the life support system with the story of the MIR space station. A linkage is presented between MIR and the Earth and then parallels are drawn between MIR and Hello World. This gets us into the rebuild of Hello World, the packing and launch sequence. It’s all very tenuous though, the connections (analogy) between planet, boat, island and space station could be more obvious. Then there’s Julie’s idea of the human body, another example of a life support system.

Another idea is present mechanisms that are familiar, iconic…

and then making the leap to a planetary machine, with interdependent systems like the familiar water cycle.

The global life support system is important to establish, because it’s invisible. Yes there’s a lot of talk about global warming, coastal flooding, killer storms, etc. but these are abstractions. Most folks take friendly conditions for granted, we don’t realize that there is a life support system in operation. We don’t acknowledge that our collective situation is akin to an astronaut in a spacesuit or a scuba diver breathing from a tank. Kai’s image was a ship in a bottle, the bottle being the atmosphere.

Once the global life support system is revealed, then human actions either conflict or align with it’s operation. Another word for actions in alignment or accord is sustainability.

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