Winslow’s bell

Winslow the blacksmith has been talking about a bell for Hello World on Facebook, but I kinda hate FB’s interface so I thought it would be easier to post some illustrations here and then make some comments.

It’s important that a bell be somewhere where it can’t brain your favorite sailor in big winds. Also, it’s important that I’m able to ring it when needed and silence it completely when not. If it could be set so that wave action makes it ring, this would be handy at night and in fog. With these criteria in mind, there are two places to mount a bell, A under the bridal shroud lines (an inverted v of aircraft cable that runs from the bow of each hull and connecting just below the sail and B at the end of the main sail boom. The boom swings around a lot but the very end doesn’t ever cross the trampoline – where the sailor is stationed.

An advantage of having it at B is that it’s more accessible to the sailor. Location A might be more stylish.

Any shape of bell can be mounted at A or B. Winslow has presented a bike bell sort of design that looks interesting. He choose this primarily to minimize a tapered edge like one might find at the bottom of a bell shaped bell. Traditional bell tapers would act like a meat cleaver given a little momentum.

Since locations A and B are not near the sailor, a traditional bell would be ok. It’s really up to Winslow. Since he is offering his energy and unique vision to the project, I want to give him space to express himself. Along with the criteria mentioned above, it should be no bigger than 6-12 inches in height and not much heavier than 10 lbs.

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7 Responses to Winslow’s bell

  1. Winslow says:

    OK, SO ….it’s green light on the Bell?

  2. Well sure, but you don’t have to do the doughnut design unless you really want to. A traditional bell would be fine too. Being able to tie off the clapper (or whatever) so I can run totally silent is important. If we go with the doughnut design, how do I mount it? The next question is budget. I’m guessing that you’re prepared to donate your time and materials to the project, but I don’t want to assume that you are. 🙂 Thoughts?

  3. Winslow says:

    Hi Dan,
    In my minds eye, I feel most comfortable allowing The Torus Bell aboard your craft. The Torus Bell “shape” will allow a line to pass through it and not endanger the line or bell and two lines will hold it taught somewhere. I’m proposing it be loosely affixed, but securely affixed….not so loose that it is an issue though. I also think it will find a home, as these things do. It will be able to be silenced easily by threading a small piece of line through and over the ball and tying it off just in a knot along the radial slot.
    I am Donating this with the warmth of remembering that as “kids” we had “it” right and found each other as friends at an early age! The materials…. the actually steel of the bell, was found in the intermittent Santa Fe River. (I’m a kind of “magnet” as far as I can tell, drag shit home from all over the place? better than I used to be, only a small pile now ). The Time, I figure, how many people get the opportunity to help a friend by making a bell for an Adventure? I’m enjoying the process! I would be super cool if you wanted to help with it’s shipping I’ll be shocked if it’s more than $40.00, I’ll box it and stuff.
    So how do I place a picture of my self on this site….Like yours up/over there to the right?

    L8R Winslow

  4. Winslow says:

    Is my head really that round? I know I could stand to lose a few pounds! but that makes me look like an EGG with a yolk on top?

  5. Ok, I’m down with your plan. Sounds fantastic.

    The donation is much appreciated and I’m glad you put a number to it. Being able to demonstrate support for the project is huge. I know your putting your heart and soul into it too brother, which is beyond reckoning in mere dollars. Super encouraging, thank you. It’s all of us together.

    Love the reclaimed materials, also!

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    create an account and then associate the email address you use here to that account. S’all free and of course fun!

    I’ve just upgraded your account at – you can post directly if you want.

    What head you talking ’bout?

  6. Winslow says:

    ….I was babbling about my grey avatars round head….and egg shaped body, humor attempt after being turned around trying to figure out how to post a pic?

    ben there done that, it’sallgood now.

  7. Hey, I think we need to have an avatar contest here. Actual faces as the basis <- poetry!

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